Find out about our latest offering  Organizational and Project Readiness and our proven Process Improvement practices. Let us show you how we can help mitigate risk, discover hidden value, and convert challanges into strategic advantages


 For information regarding these and our other services please contact Rafael Reisz at rreisz@rafinco.com


Rafinco LLC was established in 2004 to help knowledge-driven organizations improve  growth, performance, profitability, and competitiveness through organizational development, knowledge management, technology governance, project management, and process improvements.


Our clients include leading and emerging organizations in healthcare, Technology Innovation, Law, Consulting, Financial Services, and Higher Education - Organization that deliver value by translating their knowledge, expertise, and organizational capabilities into competitive and desirable products and services.


We partner with our clients, combining our knowledge and expertise to improve business processes and build responsive operations that drive business performance, client satisfaction, and growth.



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